Latest changes and updates to LiftDEMAND πŸš€

08 June 2023

Review Responses

πŸ’ͺ Now available


Instead of struggling to come up with responses to your reviews on the various review platforms, liftDEMAND ends the drudgery.

  • We've built a special Chrome Extension plugin designed to simplify writing reviews.

  • We offer the ability to automatically respond to reviews.

  • We leverage the power of AI technology to simplify creating responses.

  • We offer instant tracking of all review responses.

  • We include comprehensive reporting of all your responses.

  • Works for all review websites.


  • Respond to negative reviews and turn them into positive experiences.

  • Save time by automating review responses.

  • Generate personalized, relevant responses for positive and negative reviews.

  • Keep customers engaged and coming back. Respond to positive reviews and build customer loyalty.

  • Improve your online reputation and attract more customers. Respond professionally and showcase your commitment to customer service.


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19 August 2022

Enhanced Form System

πŸ’ͺ Now available


  • Customizable Forms: We can create any form. Our system is ultimately flexible. We also support polls, quizzes, and more.

  • 3rd Party Integration: Our platform integrates with third-party APIs through Zapier. We support connections with 5,000+ 3rd party systems. If they have an open API chances are we can connect! (Some examples include: EZLynx, Vertafore, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot, AgenzyZoom, BetterAgency, AgencyBloc, NextAgency)

  • CRM Workflows: We offer integration to many major CRM systems. We also have our own marketing automation suite for handling ongoing connections with voice, text, and Email. Indeed we can even offer a complete CRM with integrated automated predictive dialing systems to dramatically increase calling efficiency.

  • Organized Leads: We pioneered the secure form inbox more than 20 years ago. Many of our clients still leverage this to make sure leads are being followed up. But again, we CAN integrate with 3rd parties via Zapier and we DO have our own complete automation system for lead management.

  • Analytics: Google Analytics are available on forms to see how well forms are performing.

  • Additional Capabilities: Online Payment Integration, Workflow Automation, and Conditional Logic



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10 July 2022

Customized Syndicated Content For Better Search Engine Ranking & Conversion

πŸ’ͺ Now available


We've been a pioneer in offering clients content designed to make their websites more interesting. Our goal is to keep readers coming back month after month.

We've always given our clients access to the content so they can edit it to speak to your local audience.

However, we're always innovating and we realize that time is precious. Most clients end up keeping the content as is rather than editing it because they simply don't have time to update it.

To help we're introducing fully customized newsletters that incorporate the following:

  • Company name
  • Phone
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

The content is also written so that if you have multiple locations, they can be represented within the content.

This personalization helps your content speak more directly to your audience. It also increases local ranking power in search engines like Google and Bing.

Once the content is posted to your site, we'll also Email it in a monthly newsletter to all your clients. And, if your clients subscribe to it, we'll also alert them to your fresh content directly within their browsers! (This is an extra-cool capability unmatched by competitors.)

How this works:

  • Your content is posted to your website.
  • The content includes one or more engaging photos.
  • Social sharing is integrated on the website so that visitors who like your content can share it with their friends. (Over 20 social networks are supported.)
  • You don't have to lift a finger to edit your content. It is automatically customized for you with all your details.
  • Your content will be Emailed in a monthly newsletter
  • Notifications that you have fresh content will be sent via web browser to any client that has subscribed to this capability.

Optional Deeper Social Integration & Posting

Depending on your plan level, we will optionally post your content to your social networks with direct links back to your website. This creates a massive social footprint and helps reach your audience via the platforms they enjoy the most. This also increases your website ranking authority.

Social Networks

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google My Business
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

Enhanced Content Distribution

  • Email Marketing
  • Browser-based Broadcasting

Here's a sample insurance article where the information is not yet replaced:



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09 July 2022

AI Powered Vulnerability Testing

πŸ’ͺ Now available


At liftDEMAND we take security seriously:
The reason is simple: If your website or Email is compromised, it can have devastating consequences.

For example, if your website gets blacklisted for distributing malware, your Email will become undeliverable across all major platforms including Google and Microsoft. (About 90% of Email is hosted by these two platforms.)

Not only will you have to clean up the damage, you'll have to prove that your online presence is no longer a threat. It can be costly and time consuming.

To help prevent this, we have one of the most robust security platforms on the planet comprised of 8 layers.

But who watches that security to make SURE it is working?

That's why we perform regular vulnerability testing on our cloud. Our goal is to discover security issues at the right time and address them in the right way before hackers discover and exploit them.

As all our clients run within this cloud, they inherit its security.

Still, individual site deployments vary and can lead to potential challenges which is why we also perform annual individual vulnerability and penetration testing on all client sites leveraging at least our Engaged Marketing platform. A percentage of our Core Marketing clients are also selected randomly for this testing as well.

  • Our environment is tested via an AI-powered core
  • Identifies vulnerabilities documented by OWASP Top 10
  • Finds SANS 25 vulnerabilities
  • Evaluates our WordPress core.
  • Helps to ensure our environment stays compliant with al global security standards.

If your current marketing partner isn't taking protecting your web presence seriously, please reach out to us at sales@liftdemand.com to learn more about how we'll help you market wisely while having the confidence that your online brand presence is safe and sound.



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08 July 2022

Faster and More Effective SEO is Here

πŸ’ͺ Now available


Our new SEO capabilities make it easier than ever to help make your site rank higher n Google and Bing

Fundamental search engine optimization is included in all our plans and helps to make as a fantastic value vs. our competitors.

Our new integrated tool audits your content page by page and offers integrated reporting so you can see clearly the SEO work that has been handled on your behalf.

(Note: SEO is an ongoing process. We leverage available assisted support time each month to help handle your SEO... so expect to see your site's reports to evolve over time.)

Our system does more than look at your home page! We examine all aspects of your site to make sure it is as Google and Bing friendly as possible. We also check to be sure that it is human friendly too!


  • Integrated real-time SEO health checkups and reports
  • Full control over titles and meta descriptions
  • Connects your content with social media via OpenGraph
  • Automatic sitemap updates and notifications to Google and Bing when your site changes
  • Deep Schema support and DONE FOR YOU company and local business Schema profiles. (Creates more impressive looking listings on Search Engines.)
  • Readability test makes sure your content is easily understood by humans
  • Automatic linking from articles we write to your sales pages
  • Smart URL redirects when needed
  • Moz reports integration so you can monitor the "ranking power" of your domain over time

(Our advanced plans include deeper competitor ranking analysis and suggestions on changes to be made to your content in order to more dramatically improve your ranking.)



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10 June 2022

DNS Updates to Improve Email Security & Deliverability

πŸ’ͺ Now available


As of June 2022 Google appears to be implementing more stringent requirements for Email to be delivered to GMAIL accounts.

Specifically, Google seems to be requiring DKIM and DMARC DNS records in addition to SPF.

  • SPF: Specifies the servers and domains that are authorized to send email on behalf of your organization.
  • DKIM: Adds a digital signature to every outgoing message, which lets receiving servers verify the message actually came from your organization.
  • DMARC: Lets you tell receiving servers what to do with outgoing messages from your organization that don’t pass SPF or DKIM.

We have always deployed Email with SPF however, we have implemented recent changes to allow us to efficiently manage DKIM and DMARC records as well.

Effective immediately we are implementing these enhancements for all Full-Service clients. That means we're handling the complexity so you don't have to! How's that for proactive?

This effort will consume 30 minutes of Assisted Support time for each client. Please be aware that is a cost savings of $75 versus having to pay a local technician to do this work for you.

(We love helping our clients save money!)

We will send an Email notification letting you know when this has been completed for you.

If you work with someone else for Email and wish they were proactive like this, please reach out to us at sales@liftdemand.com to learn more about how we can help you.

Here's a video to help you better understand these measures and what they accomplish for you.


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06 June 2022

End-to-End Encryption & Advanced Security for Email

πŸ’ͺ Now available


If your in a heavily regulated industry (Financial Services, Healthcare, Etc.) you are required to protect confidential client information.

This includes via Email.

While regulates vary by state, the critical factor is they all have some requirement that you make certain information you send via Email is protected.

The Proofpoint Email Security Advanced package provides
small and medium-sized businesses with advanced email security
and compliance.

It helps you protect your people from malware-based
threats. These include malicious attachments or links and malwarefree threats, such as email fraud or credential phishing emails.

It also helps you defend against attacks across social media channels. Built-in
data loss prevention (DLP) and email encryption identify and secure
sensitive information sent in email.

Capabilities Include

  • Advanced Inbound and Outbound Email Filtering
  • Data-loss Prevention Filtering
  • Attachment Defense Reputation Service and Full Attachment Sandboxing
  • Anti-Phishing URL Defense
  • 30 days of Emergency Inbox and Instant Replay
  • Advance Email Encryption

We can activate managed Proofpoint Advanced Security for your entire domain at an additional monthly cost of $8 per Email address per month. Please reach out to sales@liftdemand.com for more details.



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04 June 2022

ADA Compliance

πŸ’ͺ Now available


ADA Compliance is something all website owners need to be concerned with.

But what is it really and how do you achieve it?

First, there is no official standard for what is or is not real ADA Compliance when it comes to a website. There are no laws that specifically say a website must do x, y, or z in order to be compliant.

Instead, website owners are "encouraged" to make a "best effort" to ensure their websites are accessible. (There are guidelines called WCAG however these are indeed "guidelines" and it is recognized that the goal is to achive "substantial compliance" because it is exremely difficult to achive 100% total compliance with WCAG as parts of it are completely subjective.)

To help with compliance we first of all make certain that our websites are designed from the ground up with standards in mind. This helps deliver websites that are easy to use and that perform better in search engines.

But to help with better WCAG compliance we have introduced a widget that is available on all pages of a website. It works with the WCAG 2.1 standard.

This widget incorporates additional controls to help make a website more accessible.

  • ADHD Friendly Mode
  • Vision Impared Mode
  • Blindness Mode
  • Readable Experience
  • Visual Experience
  • Easy Orientation

It is important to note that we are NOT legal experts. We are simply doing our best to supply technology to our clients that we believe help them achieve greater compliance with the ADA and WCAG guidelines.

NOTE that this is available as a STANDARD FEATURE for ALL our Full Service clients. We are rolling this out to all clients but if you want to be added ASAP then please reach out to support@liftdemand.com

If you existing website is missing this important compliance capability, please reach out to sales@liftdemand.com for a FREE strategy consultation.



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03 June 2022

WatchDogβ„’ Sentry v21

πŸ’ͺ Now available


We are pleased to announce the latest release of our industry-leading WatchDogβ„’ Sentry. This is automatically available to all clients leveraging our website and secure form solution.

WatchDogβ„’ is the most robust security system designed to protect your brand and your clients. We stand above all other competitors and offer enterprise-grade security at a price point that leaves our competitors in the dust.

Additionally, we are proud to say that all of our security executes in nanoseconds so that your website and secure forms can be fast and responsive. Visitors will never know all the steps they had to pass through to be allowed to visit your website.

We are partnered with leading security technology solutions and have combined multiple layers together into a hardened security system that is unparalleled while also being as transparent as possible.

  • Layer 1 - Machine learning based security designed to block threats including DDos attack mitigation. Detects and block threats at the edge of the Internet before they can reach our infrastructure. We also pre-filter traffic to eliminate traffic from known bad behaving IP addresses. (NEW: Authenticated Origin Pulls, Bot Fight Mode, Enhanced DDoS Protection.)

  • Layer 2 - Ultra-fast & secure direct connection to the edge of the Internet reduces the ability for attackers to spy on traffic and look for vulnerabilities.

  • Layer 3 - Full SSL/TLS end-to-end encryption between our cloud and those accessing your website secures data transfer.

  • Layer 4 - Artificial Intelligence-powered intrusion prevention and detection system, real-time antivirus protection, and network firewall exist at the edge of our cloud to further fend off attacks including brute-force attacks before they can get to your website and secure forms. (NEW: Increased Scanning Speed, Refined Scanning Logic, Anti-bot Protection.)

  • Layer 5 - We run a specialized WAF at the edge of WordPress that runs independently from WordPress. It is a high-performance system designed to be lightweight while offering maximum protection with over 50 firewall policies and 300 security rules. We also block traffic leveraging Geolocation so that traffic from North America is allowed while other locations are either blocked completely or face significant challenge prompts to prove they are human. (NEW: Enhanced Rule Sets.)

  • Layer 6 - Within WordPress, we offer additional layers of login protection, password integrity scanning, IP blocking based on Google's blocklist, and more. We also offer intelligent anti-bot protection on all secure forms to prevent fake form entries. Additionally, we incorporate Two-Factor Authentication and have audit logging of all security events. (NEW: Password Integrity Checks For Password Leaks on The Dark Web & Requires Password Updates if Found.)

  • Layer 7 - All data is stored in an encrypted state at the database level. This includes all of the written content for websites. Secure Forms have the added benefit of additional field-by-field encryption.

  • Layer 8 - Our cloud is housed within secure data facilities that are monitored 24x7x365 via electronic and on-site security. We leverage secure mantraps, keycards, and biometric systems. There's also CCTV surveillance with a minimum of 90 days retention. And for Compliance, the data centers are audited under SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, SOC 2 + HITRUST, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS1, NIST SP 800-53 rev 41 annually and ISO 27001 certified2. ITAR and EU-US Privacy Shield3 registered.

Our environment leverages Department of Defence security standards and is designed to exceed requirements for those in financial services and healthcare.

If you aren't currently a client and would like to know how to put all of this security to work for you, please reach out to sales@liftdemand.com



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02 June 2022

Enhanced lift.link

πŸ’ͺ Now available


lift.link, our optional link building solution, has been updated with a new look and feel and enhanced set of capabilities.

Originally, lift.link began life as a link shortener that could also overlay ads onto 3rd party websites.

Unfortunately, ad blocking capabilities meant we had to pivot.

So we asked ourselves what would be the best way to help clients expand their impact via links.

The new lift.link incorporates the following capabilities:

  • Shorten URLs.
  • Create bio link pages on Instagram.
  • Generate custom QR codes.
  • Integrate tracking pixels so that when links are clicked, "follow me" ads can be displayed wherever your visitors go.
  • Analytics allow you to see which links are getting traction.
  • A/B split testing on links for enhanced marketing insights.

All from an easy to leverage interface.

Please reach out to sales@liftdemand.com for more information



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01 June 2022

Updated Phone Messaging

πŸ’ͺ Now available


We have updated our phone number at 800-852-6505.


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01 June 2022

liftDEMAND Roadmap

πŸ’ͺ Now available


We are launching a new tool to share our roadmap with clients so that we can make liftDEMAND as customer-centric as possible.

  • Roadmap - documents planned features/capabilities for upcoming months.
  • Updates - shares what's been happening within our infrastructure including regular maintenance, security enhancements, etc.
  • Wish List - offers a central location where clients can add requests for features/capabilities and where all clients can upvote to let us know which are the most valuable and deserving of our attention.

Our goal is to increase communication and more involvement in our progress to being the absolute best managed marketing solution available.



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01 June 2022

Hosted Appointment Scheduling

πŸ’ͺ Now available


We are pleased to offer a new appointment and event feature as an available option to all full-service managed clients.

  • Integrates right within your website for a custom look & feel.
  • Includes synchronization with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
  • Supports SMS notification of scheduled appointments.
  • Offers custom fields for booking forms.
  • Includes custom Email notifications.
  • Total flexibility for configuring working hours, breaks, and days off for your company.
  • Step-by-step booking wizard makes it easy for visitors to schedule appointments with the right person in your company depending on the product/service they are interested in.

Reach out to sales@liftdemand.com for more details about this absolutely must-have solution.



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