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AI Powered Vulnerability Testing

At liftDEMAND we take security seriously:
The reason is simple: If your website or Email is compromised, it can have devastating consequences.

For example, if your website gets blacklisted for distributing malware, your Email will become undeliverable across all major platforms including Google and Microsoft. (About 90% of Email is hosted by these two platforms.)

Not only will you have to clean up the damage, you'll have to prove that your online presence is no longer a threat. It can be costly and time consuming.

To help prevent this, we have one of the most robust security platforms on the planet comprised of 8 layers.

But who watches that security to make SURE it is working?

That's why we perform regular vulnerability testing on our cloud. Our goal is to discover security issues at the right time and address them in the right way before hackers discover and exploit them.

As all our clients run within this cloud, they inherit its security.

Still, individual site deployments vary and can lead to potential challenges which is why we also perform annual individual vulnerability and penetration testing on all client sites leveraging at least our Engaged Marketing platform. A percentage of our Core Marketing clients are also selected randomly for this testing as well.

  • Our environment is tested via an AI-powered core
  • Identifies vulnerabilities documented by OWASP Top 10
  • Finds SANS 25 vulnerabilities
  • Evaluates our WordPress core.
  • Helps to ensure our environment stays compliant with al global security standards.

If your current marketing partner isn't taking protecting your web presence seriously, please reach out to us at sales@liftdemand.com to learn more about how we'll help you market wisely while having the confidence that your online brand presence is safe and sound.



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