DNS Updates to Improve Email Security & Deliverability

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As of June 2022 Google appears to be implementing more stringent requirements for Email to be delivered to GMAIL accounts.

Specifically, Google seems to be requiring DKIM and DMARC DNS records in addition to SPF.

  • SPF: Specifies the servers and domains that are authorized to send email on behalf of your organization.
  • DKIM: Adds a digital signature to every outgoing message, which lets receiving servers verify the message actually came from your organization.
  • DMARC: Lets you tell receiving servers what to do with outgoing messages from your organization that don’t pass SPF or DKIM.

We have always deployed Email with SPF however, we have implemented recent changes to allow us to efficiently manage DKIM and DMARC records as well.

Effective immediately we are implementing these enhancements for all Full-Service clients. That means we're handling the complexity so you don't have to! How's that for proactive?

This effort will consume 30 minutes of Assisted Support time for each client. Please be aware that is a cost savings of $75 versus having to pay a local technician to do this work for you.

(We love helping our clients save money!)

We will send an Email notification letting you know when this has been completed for you.

If you work with someone else for Email and wish they were proactive like this, please reach out to us at sales@liftdemand.com to learn more about how we can help you.

Here's a video to help you better understand these measures and what they accomplish for you.

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