End-to-End Encryption & Advanced Security for Email

💪 Now available

If your in a heavily regulated industry (Financial Services, Healthcare, Etc.) you are required to protect confidential client information.

This includes via Email.

While regulates vary by state, the critical factor is they all have some requirement that you make certain information you send via Email is protected.

The Proofpoint Email Security Advanced package provides
small and medium-sized businesses with advanced email security
and compliance.

It helps you protect your people from malware-based
threats. These include malicious attachments or links and malwarefree threats, such as email fraud or credential phishing emails.

It also helps you defend against attacks across social media channels. Built-in
data loss prevention (DLP) and email encryption identify and secure
sensitive information sent in email.

Capabilities Include

  • Advanced Inbound and Outbound Email Filtering
  • Data-loss Prevention Filtering
  • Attachment Defense Reputation Service and Full Attachment Sandboxing
  • Anti-Phishing URL Defense
  • 30 days of Emergency Inbox and Instant Replay
  • Advance Email Encryption

We can activate managed Proofpoint Advanced Security for your entire domain at an additional monthly cost of $8 per Email address per month. Please reach out to sales@liftdemand.com for more details.


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