Enhanced lift.link

💪 Now available

lift.link, our optional link building solution, has been updated with a new look and feel and enhanced set of capabilities.

Originally, lift.link began life as a link shortener that could also overlay ads onto 3rd party websites.

Unfortunately, ad blocking capabilities meant we had to pivot.

So we asked ourselves what would be the best way to help clients expand their impact via links.

The new lift.link incorporates the following capabilities:

  • Shorten URLs.
  • Create bio link pages on Instagram.
  • Generate custom QR codes.
  • Integrate tracking pixels so that when links are clicked, "follow me" ads can be displayed wherever your visitors go.
  • Analytics allow you to see which links are getting traction.
  • A/B split testing on links for enhanced marketing insights.

All from an easy to leverage interface.

Please reach out to sales@liftdemand.com for more information


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