Faster and More Effective SEO is Here

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Our new SEO capabilities make it easier than ever to help make your site rank higher n Google and Bing

Fundamental search engine optimization is included in all our plans and helps to make as a fantastic value vs. our competitors.

Our new integrated tool audits your content page by page and offers integrated reporting so you can see clearly the SEO work that has been handled on your behalf.

(Note: SEO is an ongoing process. We leverage available assisted support time each month to help handle your SEO... so expect to see your site's reports to evolve over time.)

Our system does more than look at your home page! We examine all aspects of your site to make sure it is as Google and Bing friendly as possible. We also check to be sure that it is human friendly too!


  • Integrated real-time SEO health checkups and reports
  • Full control over titles and meta descriptions
  • Connects your content with social media via OpenGraph
  • Automatic sitemap updates and notifications to Google and Bing when your site changes
  • Deep Schema support and DONE FOR YOU company and local business Schema profiles. (Creates more impressive looking listings on Search Engines.)
  • Readability test makes sure your content is easily understood by humans
  • Automatic linking from articles we write to your sales pages
  • Smart URL redirects when needed
  • Moz reports integration so you can monitor the "ranking power" of your domain over time

(Our advanced plans include deeper competitor ranking analysis and suggestions on changes to be made to your content in order to more dramatically improve your ranking.)

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