Realtime AI Powered Website Monitoring

🛠 Planned

Let's face it, inspecting your website each day is time-consuming, repetitive, and tedious. For website solution providers this is magnified hundreds of times making it impossible to physically monitor client websites for unwanted changes.

(Like when caching goes wonky or when an underlying technology changes the appearance of a website or causes the look & feel to change.)

We are pleased to announce we will soon be adding AI-powered monitoring of our client websites for visual and content changes.

Our system works 24/7 to help visually check your website with artificial intelligence. That way, if something on your website changes, we will be notified and can spring into action.

Our monitoring will include:

  • Visual monitoring for visual web page changes,
  • Content monitoring for content changes,
  • Sitemap monitoring for new or deleted pages,
  • Domain WHOIS monitoring to ensure ownership and admin records remain as they should be.
  • Backlink monitoring (for advanced plan levels) so that we can watch your backlink partners and get alerts when links back to your website are removed or modified.

Similar monitoring services cost $150+ per year. We're pleased to include this as a core feature of our plans for 2022 and beyond.

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